Every Mother’s Nightmare Issues Second Video In Acoustic Series

  • May 23rd, 2018


Memphis, TN –┬áNovember 30, 2017

EMNMemphis rockers EVERY MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE in coordination with their label HighVolMusic have released the ‘Loco Crazy’ Live Raw & Uncut the second video in the Radio Memphis Sessions. On October 30th the band performed acoustically live in-studio and on air at the Radio Memphis studio. EMN performed 5 songs from their latest release GRIND. EMN founder and lead vocalist Rick Ruhl says “We did it and it surprised us! Going in we were’t sure if we could pull it off but Bill Chavis kept pushing me to go for it. He actually set it up with Dirty D and committed us to it. He told me Rick, you got this man just go in and rip it. Well, we did and everyone was happy at the end. We feel it has taken us to another level and opened up the band to do some unplugged sets. It was a lot of fun.”

GRIND was released on October 6th on HighVolMusic and distributed through MRi/Red. The critically acclaimed release is receiving rave reviews worldwide, topping radio playlists, as well as┬ácharting at radio and has become a top independent seller. EVERY MOTHER”S NIGHTMARE is writing and in pre-production for their next release but there are plans in the works to re-release the bands back catalog. The band also recently launched their new website at www.emnrocks.com.




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